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I’ve been an Angler from the age of six. Not including “bent pin & cotton” fishing for Sticklebacks, some years earlier! As well as coarse fishing I’ve also done a great deal of sea fishing from beach & boat. From my earliest years I was keen to know the names of the birds, animals & other wildlife around me as I fished. Although I fished to catch fish, 50% of my enjoyment came from being able to take note, throughout each day by the water, the natural history that surrounded me. This lead me to draw wildlife, including fish of course. Over the years my abilities improved & I illustrated my first book when I was eighteen.

My artwork has now been used in more than one hundred book titles, a number of which have become classics & highly collectable. Together with books I’ve made regular contributions to Angling magazines, national newspapers & periodicals. In the past 25 years or so, my work has broadened to include finely detailed portraits, special occasion caricatures, pet-portraits, advertising & much more.

I’ve written articles for the Angling press & a number of books. I work on commissions supplying original artwork to client’s requirements. The process usually begins with a face to face briefing, where I discuss what the proposed picture should look like, etc. I look forward to receiving any inquiries you may have, always bearing in mind current COVID-19 restrictions. Google “Keith Linsell, Books” for further info.

Photo copyright Bob Cox

Copyright Keith Linsell or other companies & individuals

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